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A year of progress: A look back to 2011

It has been a couple of months since my last blog; believe or not it is hard to do so. It requires commitment and dedication. I think I would add my blog to my new years resolution list, which I will not publish as it has some personal goals as well. Other than that, this is Alyssa's progress blog. 2011 has been good to her. She was discharged from the cardiologist and gastroenterologist as her heart condition and reflux resolved on it's own. Therapy had been a blessing, as she started to crawl by 10 months among other things. Her therapists, our extended family, Gloria, Dr. Dee, Dr. Shay, Maritza, Pam, Robin have been a blessing in her life. Therapy is part of our lives and will be forever just like toys are.

Alyssa has blossom from a baby to a toddler. Her face has changed, her hair had grown. She plays now. I have a blast looking at her play on her playpen. She shakes rattles, crash blocks against each other, throws things away. You must say all kids do that, but I really e…