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Alyssa's First Buddy Walk

Hello everyone,

It has been a while that I blog anything (shame on me!), but I have been so busy, went back to school, work full time, kids are both at school, wife, blah, blah, blah. I will post a separate blog about Alyssa's up to date later, but today I will be talking about our first buddy walk.

First let me tell you how I started. I have been wanted for the last two years to attend, but either Alyssa was still at little peanut the first year (2010) when the buddy walk took place, or she was sick (2011) and we could not make it. This year, I decided not to miss it. I asked my boss at work if I could do a bake sell at work to raise some $ in honor for our team. She said "Yes", so Alyssa's Blessing Team had a head start. I do not know many people nor I do lots of money, so I had to bake at least twice a week in October to raise some money for Broward Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization.This organization allows our kids to have activities and help with scholarshi…