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Dejanos Entrar ...meaning let us in

On March 21, we celebrate Down Syndrome Day, so in honor of it, I am translating a song from Asindown. This group put a video for  the song Dejanos entrar! , Lyrics and Music by Carlos Lopez. I think we can relate and others can learn. We love our kids as they are, but others need to open their eyes and notice them more. I hope I do justice to the original song with my translation, so please forgive me if I mess up the meaning of a word. I tried to keep the translation as much close, but sometimes you can not translate something in Spanish with the same word in English.  Below the translation, you will find the lyrics of the song in Spanish, courtesy of Asidown website.

 Let Us In

You have been noticing my disability for some time
that you disregarded my abilities
and I left your bias hidden away
I propose you do the same with the "witch"discrimination.

Let us in! I have feelings and dreams just like you
Let us in! Just as a thread of voice
I fall in love with the heroe just…


It is amazing how many of us don't appreciate the good things we have. Since Alyssa's birth, I have obtain a new taste in life. I thank God (really I do) literally for everything. Aly goes to therapy twice a week, and everytime she goes to physical therapy, she just amazes me as she tries her best without complaining. Yesterday, I tried to push a boundary: I fed her rice cereal. I know she is already five months and most of the babies start feeding at four, but I AM so scared due to her low tone she might choke. Feeding is no an issue I would have been worry with Christopher, but feeding Alyssa is another ball game. I sat her down in her bumbo seat, put a plastic bib on and feeding started: at the beginning she didn't know what to do, but then I noticed she tasted it and swallowed it! Hurray!!! I felt so relieved. We continue the feeding of rice cereal for about 5 spoons. She would keep her food in the mouth, taste and swallow it. We take lots things for granted, but I ca…