It is amazing how many of us don't appreciate the good things we have. Since Alyssa's birth, I have obtain a new taste in life. I thank God (really I do) literally for everything. Aly goes to therapy twice a week, and everytime she goes to physical therapy, she just amazes me as she tries her best without complaining. Yesterday, I tried to push a boundary: I fed her rice cereal. I know she is already five months and most of the babies start feeding at four, but I AM so scared due to her low tone she might choke. Feeding is no an issue I would have been worry with Christopher, but feeding Alyssa is another ball game. I sat her down in her bumbo seat, put a plastic bib on and feeding started: at the beginning she didn't know what to do, but then I noticed she tasted it and swallowed it! Hurray!!! I felt so relieved. We continue the feeding of rice cereal for about 5 spoons. She would keep her food in the mouth, taste and swallow it. We take lots things for granted, but I can say I do not anymore. I appreciate everything she does and it is a beautiful feeling.


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