Six months of love

It is amazing how time goes fast, like a blink, I still remember how hard it was to know about the diagnosis and how long it has taken to accept it. Now Alyssa is six months, she is learning how to seat, she turns at her own wish and her arms are strong enough to pick up her bottle. I do not believe Down Syndrome owns her, but I do understand it is part of her. I am so proud of her.


  1. Wow she is adorable! Happy 6 months (and I agree, time helps it all seem so insignificant)

  2. This bring tears of joy. She has come along way, and more to come. I also have a beautiful baby girl with Down Syndrome and she is 8 months she still does not sit since she had open heart surgery, therapy has been suspended for 8 weeks. With time she will catch up and with a blink of an eye she will be running around.


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