Day 6: One thing I love about Down Syndrome

Oh Boy...I have to true to this blog to anyone who reads it...there is no one thing...there are several. Down Syndrome has typical characteristic appearance, and I will point it out with my favorite model, my Alyssa:
1. Flattened nose. It is so small a kiss can cover it all.
2. Small mouth. It is so little, but give the best slobbery kisses ever.

3. Protruding tongue. It is so cute and I know it is out when she is happy or when she is really tired.

4. Upward slanting eyes. The corner of her eyes is called Epicanthal fold. They are so beautiful and clearly expressive.

5. Wider Gap on Sandal toe. It is another characteristic of Down Syndrome.Besides of being so cute to smell and make her laugh, it is great for Sandals and to grasp toys as well.

I said it many times, Down Syndrome does not define my daughter, but her characteristics make me embrace her and love her even more.


  1. Such beautiful way to express the beautiful characteristics of individal with down syndrome. I myself love my Amalia nose too and those gorgeous almond eyes!


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