Day 9: 21 ways Alyssa changed my life

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I was thinking to write something meaningful to me, it is going to sound a bit selfish,so These are 21 ways Alyssa changed my life, in honor for 31 for 21, so here it goes:
1. She made me appreciate life as a precious gift.
2. Because of her I learn to be a better mom.
3. I wake up every morning with a purpose.
4. I accepted therapy is a way of life.
5. I have met a wonderul group of people.
6. I treasure every day as it is the last day of my life.
7. I learned that education never ends, we learn from others everyday.
8. I learned to live one day at a time and not to worry so much about the next day.
9. I noticed how well I am raising my son and how humble he can be to others.
10. I learned how to be a true advocate.
11. She has made me a better nurse and care more about others.
12. I also learn to respect other more than ever.
13. I learn that being different is just nothing but another way of saying you are unique.
14. Because of her, I am more open minded.
15. I am learning to be more patient.
16. Since she was born, I learn that blogging is my new therapy.
17. She thought me to see people in a different way.
18. I appreciate to wake up early and treasure each second of the day.
19. I feel I'm a better person.
20. I learn that words need to be thought before they are said.
21. I realized how much love can conquer it all.


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