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A birth to celebrate

I have been thinking on how to write Alyssa's first birthday post, but here it goes: A year ago, at exactly 7:22am, she was born and it changed  my life. It is normal to have a life changing experience when a baby gets born, but her diagnosis took us by surprise.Alyssa Emily Rodriguez was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. I always asked what did I deserve to have a baby with DS:  why me?...I bet most of the mom with any other challeging diagnosis would have ask the same question, but why not? It was God's plan and he only knows his reasons and he probably knew regardless of her diagnosis, she was welcome into my heart. Nowadays, I have open my eyes and realized how special she is and she is mine. A year ago, I was sad and clueless on how her future might look; however, today it is a different story. I love my Alyssa with all my heart, and it has been a rough road for all of us in our family, but she has filled that fear with happiness. First and all, we have a beautiful t…

9 month journey

It is amazing how time goes by! Alyssa turned 9 months on June 29( yet she should be 8 months due to her premature birth). There is always a lot of questions: what is she doing ?, is she crawling? Is she standing? Does she says mama?. Well this post is to bring you up to date on how is she doing.
Due to her low tone issues,Alyssa does therapy almost everyday, she is off the weekends, but I TRY to do it on my own those days. In reality, therapy never ends, but it doesn't mean we are always on top of it. She started sitting on her own for 40 seconds at 7 months, now at 9 months, we are sitting for over a minute. I always say "until she feels like it". When it really happened, I was so amazed how a single milestone can bring so much hope. At 8 months, she started rocking(whoohoo!), all fours for us means we can start training on crawling. I remember my son Chris never crawled, he went to standing up and walking by 13 months. Now to the point, all kids are different, Down S…