Hair today..gone tomorrow

Yeap!, it has been two years that I have not written anything about Alyssa. Well, we might be busy about life, school, and so on. As usual, we have our ups and downs...(no pun intended here!). We are just living life with a six year old who does not stop. Is she active?...yes she is....lots of energy, in fact too much energy that I can take.  Anyway, where are we now...Oh yeah, the hair!. Sensitivity issues are a huge concern, specially for her. Fine hair that tangles can be the real enemy for Alyssa. Her hair was so pretty.. she had wavy long layers of fine hair that no matter what I did, it still got tangled. I had no other choice... had to chop it off because it got so tangled one day that made us both cry. Well, she is now rocking a short bob, tangle free ( I might add). She still active, going to school. Speaking a bit more. She has grown a lot. We are heading to have a 7 year old girl in September. Sadly but truly, still weak in the potty training department. I do not want to m…

It has been a long time....

People say : time is a healer... maybe it is true.

It has been a while since I do not post anything in Alyssa's blog which I started to write as a way of therapy for my own sake. I have been so busy.... So, where are we? ... Alyssa is four years old...going on 5 years this September coming up (Yeah!!).  Summer was fun, had to take off almost a month, mostly work the weekends to spend time with her. She still goes to therapy twice a week: we have speech and OT which are the main focus since the low tone is where lacks the most. She usually receives PT at her school in addition to her twice a week in school therapies. We are talking might not be the same as a typical 4 year old, but I think it is better than nothing. Our main goal is to say two words at once, at least when she is doing her therapy.She is kind of bilingual, I try to speak to her mostly in English since that is what school teaches her, yet little words: "agua", "a comer" are so perfecte…

Where are we now?

It has been a while... I know, but Alyssa is now a toddler going on her terrible 2's. We have been quite busy, but just a brief up to date. 

It is February, so Alyssa is now 29 months, she is signing a lot more and communicating better with words. The signing is in English and the speaking words are in Spanish.The signing words are about 12, but the spoken words are less than 7.   Our major achievement is that she has been going potty. Every morning, she wakes up and goes potty for number one. On our days off, she signs potty and she goes for number two. Sorry for too much information, but I am so proud we are getting there. She still goes to school where she gets therapy 3 times a week, but she school provides complementary therapy daily. I believe the success has been great thanks to school. Are we walking?...we are least she tries. Alyssa is extremely active, she climbs on everything she can, she even learn how to climb out of the playpen, so we cannot leav…

Buddy Walk 2012

Alyssa's Blessings First Buddy Walk We did it!. Thanks to everyone who help up raise for our team. We are so proud and we thank you! We had a great time and the kids did too! We expect to see you next year!