It has been a long time....

People say : time is a healer... maybe it is true.

It has been a while since I do not post anything in Alyssa's blog which I started to write as a way of therapy for my own sake. I have been so busy.... So, where are we? ... Alyssa is four years old...going on 5 years this September coming up (Yeah!!). 
Summer was fun, had to take off almost a month, mostly work the weekends to spend time with her. She still goes to therapy twice a week: we have speech and OT which are the main focus since the low tone is where lacks the most. She usually receives PT at her school in addition to her twice a week in school therapies. We are talking might not be the same as a typical 4 year old, but I think it is better than nothing. Our main goal is to say two words at once, at least when she is doing her therapy.She is kind of bilingual, I try to speak to her mostly in English since that is what school teaches her, yet little words: "agua", "a comer" are so perfected in her vocabulary.  At home, she says, "thank you","books",  "pleeeease", "eat", "more", "you ok"?.. "what's that?"..her favorite. She still mumbles certain things., I do not count them any more, maybe I should. The "R" words are hard..."pamper"...she says "popo". 
She is still in diapers, but no longer have accidents at night, nor #2 in the diapers since she tells me once a bowel movement is coming on. she might be ready for potty, but I have tried, yet I need to be diligent and there is always some where to go and something to do. Maybe one of these long weekends for the holidays coming up.
 She is going to Pre-K at a charter school where  they have a few kids with special needs plus typical kids as their models.  She is more independent, she takes off her clothes, picks her shirts, brushes her teeth, eats by herself. 
I am not longer concentrating on teaching as much as before, or even freaking out for the therapies. She is getting there..slowly but she is speaking, she understands well. She runs, she dances, she is so girly and cute..oh lord...she is unstoppable. Sometimes...I am so tired as I have to chase her around.
Oh my! She is so sweet..I really enjoy having her around. 


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