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First Valentines Day

As I woke up this morning, I noticed it will be Alyssa's first Valentine's day. I also noticed how much my love for her has grown. I remember when Chris was born I fell immediately in love with him, in a different way, a motherly love way. When Alyssa was born, I wish I could say it was the same. My heart was aching and  full of fears from the moment of her diagnosis, but as time has gone by, my heart is full of hope and love. Today as I hold her in my arms and embrace her, I thank God for giving her to me and making me realize of his greatness.
Happy Valentine's Alyssa..Mommy will always  love you!

Every prayer gets an answer

Yesterday, I was in therapy with Alyssa, and I asked the therapist how do I get her to reach. She usually sits down in the bouncer and looks around the toys over her precious head, and her arms just moved from side to side, so she suggested to put a burping towel underneath her arms. So, I did once I got home, I show her she could reach and pull the lion on the bouncer to make him play music. Guess what: she did it by herself, and then she did it again, and again. I was stunned and so proud of my little one. It is such an accomplishment. I pray everyday, and just that day I had prayed for her about it and it happened, God is super good. Not only that, I had her in her crib looking up her mobile, but I guess she caught a glimpse of a giraffe my friend Wendy gave her, and she turn all on her own. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.....Anyway, I add myself to the list of prayers going for Peter in which my friend  from Baby Center (Patty). She even has a giveaway in her blog page a Perfect Lily as …

A real surprise...and a note of thanks

After being almost 6 months away from work (I was out on bed rest as of August due to my faulty placenta), I went back to work. I wont lie: I did not want to. I was sad to leave my family behind. I know anybody in my place would have felt the same. I started enjoying my stay-at-home situation, and my kids loved it as well, but reality must settle in and with a broken heart, I started again as of last week.
  It has been a rough transition; however, today I felt like I was home.  I felt the love while my friends from work gave me a surprise baby shower.  I felt special, it felt like family, it felt like home, so THANKS everyone. I had a rough year while I was expecting, and I did not have a baby shower due to my bed rest, so it really warms my heart and appreciate it.  I have been blessed to have great friends who have been there for us at our thoughest times.  Everyone has been so understanding. I want to thank everyone for being so supporting, for not saying the dreaded word &quo…