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Good bye 2012

Good bye 2012!

It has been quite a year for us. Alyssa has been going to school full time at Debbie School. Best decision ever!
Therapies are doing well, she has shown great progress: started walking at 19months, but fully in dependant at 24 months, goes up the stairs and comes down with help, our major setback has been speech, she says mama, Dada, "atupe" ( we think she means, otherwise she call him "DA".waves bye, says hi to everyone, very attention grabber and popular unlike you could tell she is Freddy's daughter as my husband is very extrovert and friendly. She signs : mom, dad, food, eat, milk, dog, more, jump.

We have been in the hospital three times: RSV, Croup and the last one in the PICU for over 5 days for Pneumonia.

We went to our first buddy walk! Total success thanks to my coworkers we were able to raise over 200.00, so thank you everyone for your cooperation and support.

We went to our first Xmas party with the GoldCoast Down Syndr…