Day 5: The "R" word

Here it goes a dreaded topic, the "R" word. Have you seen the commercials for the campaing going around? I have battle with this word before I ever had babies. Besides being a condescending word ( one and last time "Retard"), it hurts feelings and it should be avoided. Last time I heard it was at work, mind you, I work at a clinic where people are kind an care about others( truly!) well, I heard someone calling a rotten banana the "r" word. Did I do anything? Unfortunately, I did not speak up, and I have been mad at myself since then. Hurtful words that qualify a human should be avoided. Our vocabulary is so extensive and there are better ways to express ourselves. My husband and I spoke about this once. He said he hears that word almost everyday ( he works with teens mostly), he said that he cannot correct them all the time, it is who they are and how they were raised. That's where my point goes to: what are you teaching your kids, teach them it is not cool!! I am a strong believer on the ad campaign "Spread the word to end The word". I have taken the pledge, you could do it here too Respect others please, we are all equal: race, disability, gender or sexual preference.


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