Day 2: What is Down Syndrome and types of it

In celebration of everyday in October, here is my day 2 tidbit about Down syndrome awareness. Down syndrome is the most common genetic condition. It noted as a person with Down Syndrome has 47 chromosome instead of 46.

There are thee types of Down Syndrome. Trisomy 21 or nondisjunction is the most common one, 88 to 95% of our kids have it. It is due to a failure of one pair of chromosomes to separate evenly. Translocation Down Syndrome occurs when a piece of chromosome breaks off and attaches to another. About 4 to 5% of the kids with Down syndrome are born with this type. Alyssa is one of them. Usually parents need to get tested as this is the only inherited one and one of the parents could be a carrier, yet it can only be an spontaneous occurrence. Mosaicim Down Syndrome is the least common type, 1 to 2%. It means some of the cells have a typical number of chromosomes and some cells have an extra one.

Regardless of which type, all Down Syndrome kids are different and unique with his own personalities and talents. They all deserved to be treated just like any other person and need to be given an opportunity in life.


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