Day11: Precious life

When I was pregnant with Alyssa, I had many follow ups due to my placenta previa and low amniotic fluid. I had just turned 36 years old and was offered the amniocentesis; however I refused. My quad screen test resulted in 120 in 1 for Down Syndrome, but I always said I would not abort my baby, so why do the testing. I was blindsided maybe because was scared of the unknown as I should have done it to screen for heart problems. Thanks God, Alyssa did not have any heart defect. It kinds of still scares me that my daughter might be a few of the kids left with Down Syndrome as prenatal testing has been offered more and 90% of the babies are being aborted because of a"positive"result. In the next few months, a new less invasive test will be offered to mothers to be that would detect this genetic condition within the first trimester of life. My way of thinking is this: would you abort your baby if you know he will have diabetes or cancer? Would you abort it if you knew he would have a disease such as MS, lupus or Lou Gehrig's disease? I think everyone deserves a chance for life and the opportunity to live it to the fullest. Nobody is God to make such a decisions. I know there is something called "rigths" and we all have them; yet it does not mean it s correct. Down Syndrome is not an abnormality, it is a genetic disorder. Every kid hAs a different potential and life should be treasured. I am glad I had Alyssa and if she has that magical extra chromosome is just more to Love .
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