October is Down Syndrome Awareness month

Welcome October!!!! I have been waiting for you with anticipation. My Alyssa just turned one year old two days ago, so it is also the anniversary of her Diagnosis. Funny thing, she was born premature, she was supposed to be born in October. Little did I know about Down Syndrome then. I was scared of it. Yes, I said it!!! Nowadays, I don't consider myself a master in the topic, but I know that Down Syndrome is not different than us. People with down syndrome have dreams, feelings, learn at their own pace(so do others), love. Maybe they do love more than others. At one year old, my Alyssa is crawling, sitting, babbling up a storm, waves bye bye, and doing her favorite thing: blowing raspberries! This month, lots of us are committed to blog 31 for 21, for all the days of October and for the chromosomes of our kids. This is my way of saying: I'm here too. Hope someone reads and learn a bit of Down Syndrome. Don't be afraid!!!!


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