Day 4: Life expectancy

Rewind 15 years ago, the life expectancy of a person with Down Syndrome was about 25 to 30. Mostly due to lack of medical care. Nowadays, their life expectancy has increase twice. We are now treating heart problems prior the first year.
Our kids have greater risk to be born with congenital heart defects(such as AVSD or VSD), hematologic malignancies such leukemia, gastrointestinal diseases such hirschprung disease, hypothyroidism and Altheimers disease. Target therapies and prompt interventions to this matter are beinG addressed by pediatricians, therefore, follow ups are just as important as the "3" therapies: Physical, Ocupational and Speech therapies which help our children grow up get involved in the community and helps them eventually into adulthood.
We were lucky enough to have Alyssa with no other Health issue besides gastric reflux, and I know if we stay on therapy, she will learn to be independent to her limits. I have faith that she will live the life God wants her to live and be a productive member of society.
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