Day 3: Milestones

I have to say as a second time mom, my previous experience was 11 years ago, I don't think I ever appreciate Chris' milestone like a I do with Alyssa. Babies with down syndrome due to low tone are supposed to hit the milestones a little behind that ordinary babies. I remember Alyssa's first milestone was turning from belly up at 4 months. Sitting started at 7 months, she started rocking on all for at 10 months and started crawling at 11. Now, I could only say, I have to be more careful as she knows how to crawl, she is very sleek and try to be very quiet about it, so I cannot leave it alone on the bed anymore.
All of her milestones are due thanks to all our therapist. Therapy plays a major role In our lives and I'm so glad to have a great group of therapist who taught me how to help my little one when I'm home. After therapy, repetition, repetition, repetition is a major key! But I do have to say, I enjoy every minute as we play together while working and we bond more when I'm with her. I have learn to appreciate every milestone for all the work we put on it and the time we spend bonding as mom and daughter. I'm so proud of her.I love you baby!


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