Day 8: Rambling day

Finally I am on vacation, that means more time with Alyssa and Chris. Chris is 11, and he is already showing traits that he wants to be more independent, so I don't think he appreciates Mommy's time off like Alyssa. Alyssa has her own attitude already, at one year old, she already shows what she likes and what he dislikes. It amazes me everyday, she is just a good baby. She is very easy going, yet she only smiles to people she knows. I also thinks she is a bit "engreida", meaning "spoiled". If anybody reprimand her, she cries, but it is not a steep cry Instead it is just a fussy, "you bother me" cry. There goes that myth that all kids with Down Syndrome are "happy". She is strong too; she had two sharp teeth at the bottom which she only exposes them when she is laughing up at something Chris would do. Her jaw really could bite those hard teething cookies, so I have to be around to avoid any issue ( God forgive !) She is unique In every way, she Is my baby.
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