Day 10: A full day

I don't think I ever had a dull day ever since Alyssa was born. Right after her birth, we were referred by the hospital to Early Intervention. Our appoitment took place when Alyssa was still a peanut at two months. They evaluated her and they did refered us to be seen by Physical therapist and an ITDS. Ever since then, Alyssa has had therapy non-stop. It belongs in our lives and we have embraced it just as brushing our teeth. After 3 month, Alyssa had had it and now she has therapy from Monday through Thursday. She has seven different therapists. On Monday, she has Occupational therapy to deal with fine motor skills such as grasping a spoon, lifting blocks, or even holding a bottle. She also has her ITDS Gloria, she is wonderful, she teaches Alyssa everything from sitting to standing from blowing bubbles to saying momma. On Tuesday, she has Physical therapy to teach her how to work her big muscles And move Around, and she also has Speech for feeding issues such as swallowing and helping her move the food from one side to another. On Wednesday, she has OT again, and on Thursday another dose of PT and ST. Friday, Saturday And Sunday, are our days off. However, we still repeat everything we learn during the week at least one hour a day while playing around. Never a dull life in Alyssa's days. I dont really mind, it is fun to work her out knowing the purpose is a long time rewArd.
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