Day 13: on assignment "what I love about Down Syndrome"

Today I am joining a few of my baby center friends and I am going to point out what I love about Down Syndrome. I really love all the cuddling time I get. Due to low tone on our children, they snuggle better when we hug her. I love to see her sleep, then I am able to inspect every little thing: her beautiful almond eyes, her tiny little nose and her tongue sticks out a bit as she is so relax. Due to her Down Syndrome, she is so little. She just turn 12 months and she is still using baby crib shoes 3 to 6 months, her hands cannot grab her 6 oz bottle, so I hold her for her while I hold her tiny fingers. I love that I still get to put her in my baby carrier as she only weights 18.7lbs. And most of all, I enjoy every minute of it, I savor every milestone and cherish it. My number one is that age is mine baby and I love her and she loves me too
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