9 month journey

It is amazing how time goes by! Alyssa turned 9 months on June 29( yet she should be 8 months due to her premature birth). There is always a lot of questions: what is she doing ?, is she crawling? Is she standing? Does she says mama?. Well this post is to bring you up to date on how is she doing.
Due to her low tone issues,Alyssa does therapy almost everyday, she is off the weekends, but I TRY to do it on my own those days. In reality, therapy never ends, but it doesn't mean we are always on top of it. She started sitting on her own for 40 seconds at 7 months, now at 9 months, we are sitting for over a minute. I always say "until she feels like it". When it really happened, I was so amazed how a single milestone can bring so much hope. At 8 months, she started rocking(whoohoo!), all fours for us means we can start training on crawling. I remember my son Chris never crawled, he went to standing up and walking by 13 months. Now to the point, all kids are different, Down Syndrome or not. I am sorry but I have no time for the "comparison game" that sometimes argues in my head, I won't let it happen.
Moving along, in the communication part, we are making baby sounds such as cooing since she was 2 to 3 months. She started making "dada", "tata" at 6 months, and nowadays, at 9 months, she gas added "teta" and some strange baby talk. I am still waiting for the "mama" but we are working on oral motor now. In the food department, she is eating solids since 6 months started with veggies, fruits an oatmeal cereal. Now at 9 months, we started meats(chicken, turkey, beef) in the pureed form, no teeth yet but her bite is super strong. She seems to be teething as everything goes to the mouth to be chewed on.


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