A birth to celebrate

I have been thinking on how to write Alyssa's first birthday post, but here it goes: A year ago, at exactly 7:22am, she was born and it changed  my life. It is normal to have a life changing experience when a baby gets born, but her diagnosis took us by surprise.Alyssa Emily Rodriguez was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. I always asked what did I deserve to have a baby with DS:  why me?...I bet most of the mom with any other challeging diagnosis would have ask the same question, but why not? It was God's plan and he only knows his reasons and he probably knew regardless of her diagnosis, she was welcome into my heart. Nowadays, I have open my eyes and realized how special she is and she is mine. A year ago, I was sad and clueless on how her future might look; however, today it is a different story. I love my Alyssa with all my heart, and it has been a rough road for all of us in our family, but she has filled that fear with happiness. First and all, we have a beautiful team of people who helps her all the way through: Our ITDS, Gloria: she has been wonderful to us (God bless her !) and treats my little one as her own. She thought her so many things (sitting, crawling, grabbing and others); our P.T., Dr. D, she could not care more to teach me how to do things at home and encourage me to help Alyssa, and my mom: she has care of her and showed her loved that I dont think anyone could really do. Thanks to them from the bottom of my heart.
Alyssa has surprised me in so many ways that I dont see the Down syndrome as a bump anymore. She is my little girl that smiles at me everytime I see her. She is the happiness of our home. She is a fighter most of all. I have high hopes and I am thankful for the year she spent with us in our lives TEACHING US new things that we did not know exist. I love you baby, today and always.


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