Good times, yet still scared

On Monday, I got home at 530pm from a BBQ get together with friends that I am blessed to work with. For some of them, it was the first time they meet Alyssa. I have taken her to work once when she was 3 months old, she was still hooked to the apnea monitor and we went close to my job for our early intervention appointment. Well they loved her!!Alyssa was a bit shy at the beginning, but she loves kids and she felt right at home with them. It took a little to warm her up to the adult crowd, but after half an hour she was all smiles and flirting around.
It makes me so happy find out she is just charming with others than our family members. She was playing with the kids in the trampoline and loved being held by my friends until she felt sleep on my buddy's arms. I loved to see the acceptance within my friends. It reassures me that she has her own personality and she will be accepted by others than her peers.
It stills scares me to think about her future. Last week I read about a blog about Amelia and you can read it here , it really broke my heart and I was in tears to think that due to "mental retardation" little Amelia is being denied a lung transplant. There is a petition ongoing on, I beg you to please sign it here and don't let a board of soulless doctors decide the faith of a child. I would not accept that answer if it was my child, honestly I don't think any of us could.


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