Today I read an article someone posted in Baby Center, it was about a teen girl and her love for her sister with down syndrome. To see a teenager so compassionate love her sister is amazing. It made me think about my son, Christopher. Chris is a 10 year old boy who likes to play his video games. He is good in school, loves to read, and loves to play with his friends, but more than anything, he is the best brother Alyssa can have. When Alyssa came into the world, we did not know she had down syndrome until it was diagnosed at her birth. As I was a wreck, I did not give Chris the news until Alyssa was home with us, 12 days after her birth. I remember explaining to Chris that Alyssa was born with Down Syndrome, he asked me what did it mean. He looked so worried, as he was when the baby was in NICU and we would go visit her. I told him she is OK, but Aly would be a little different than any other kids. I told him she would learn everything but at her own pace, and I said you might have to help me sometime, he kindly said yes.
One of the best qualities of my son is his simplicity and kindness. He would not hesitate to give you someone his food even if it is his favorite food. He treats everyone the same and does not see a disability on anyone.  He has been my rock during my hard times dealing with her diagnosis. My first month was the roughest for me, dealing with all appointments and risk of health issues were so overwhelming, but he used to sit next to me to console me. He would insist she is fine and he will take care of her. He has always been proud to be her big brother and helps me as much as he can. At his 10 years old, he is so mature and love her tons. He makes me so proud to be his mom and I know my kids will teach each other and grow together closer everyday.


  1. Wow this is amazing... Christopher is a wonderful kid I wish you and your beautiful family all the best :)

    God Bless you.

  2. Now you have three followers!! Alyssa is beautiful!


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