I am usually one of those people who mind their own business. When I walk through a mall, I used to  talk on the phone and go to the store without seeing the people around; however, since Alyssa was born, I am looking around more. I try to see people's faces. Some people look distressed, some people look in a hurry, some others look "just chilling", but I am looking for something more. I look around for special kids like mine. Since I had Alyssa, I havent seen any at all. I wonder if it is because of our society has left us behind or they just ignore us and make us skip life around.
I see Alyssa and how unique she is. Yes she is different, but no more than any other baby pushed around in the mall. Maybe I am looking at the wrong places. In therapy, there are a few kids like Alyssa, but our words dont seem to collide, we have different schedules. I only have a few friends, yet most of them are from baby center. I just wish I find people IRL to relate to. I pray everyday, my little one gets accepted by her peers when the time comes. In the meantime, I know at home, she is the sunshine of our lives, we accept her how she is and we are grateful she give us so much joy.


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