A new year, a new perspective..

Wow...what a roller coaster 2010 was! Glad to see it go away! It has been three months since Alyssa was born, and I have not written anything since November, I have been quite busy getting to know my little one. Grief is gone (finally!), now I am enjoying bonding with my little one. She has grown so much, she now weights 12 lbs and she smiles, her hair is growing, she lifts her head and her muscles are getting stronger. I am so proud of her. Even though, she still has her heart rate/apnea monitor due to her reflux, she does not have any episodes.Early steps helped me to get her into physical therapy and an infant toddler developmental specialist has been assigned to come to the house once a week. I barely remember the milestones with Christopher, I guess everything was taken for granted, but with Alyssa, anything she does is a success. She is really growing beautifully, she now babbles or as my mom says : "she establishes a conversation". I am so glad I have her with me now. I specially love the way she smiles, she really melts my heart. I consider myself lucky to have such a great family and great kids. My Christopher is also a great blessing to my life, he has helped me so much his sister, he kisses her and loves her so much ...he loves her for who she really is. Sometimes I sit around them, and I feel like the luckiest mom in the world(I know it sounds super corny, oh well!). I have really learn how to embrace her diagnosis and to enjoy her as much as I can while I am at home. Oh boy, what a difference three months make!..back in November I was still a wreck. I will be going back to work soon and it will be another step to juggle the therapists, work and other duties that I plan to do this new year, but I have faith ..so 2011, here I come!


  1. Glad to see you are on the upswing of things! I told you so ;) In three more months you will be like, 'Who me? Crying? No way...'
    I am so glad that you are a part of our family. HUGS to you.


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